1fx. AntiCheat database

Download 1fx. Anticheat 0.66

Fixed minor issue which caused texture check to fail sometimes.
Added possibility to allow JPG texture mods by settings a server CVAR(so italy players can still use certain mods).

Fixed some tracer mods still working
Fixed possible wallhack by editing maps
Fixed delayed kick of hackers, hackers will now be kicked almost instantly
Fixed possibility to replace default textures
Textures could be replaced with transparent ones(resulting in invisible objects)
People messed up map textures so bad they actually made it look like lightmap.

Fixed possible shownormals/showtris hacks
Fixed bug which caused hackers to be kicked with a delay of 1-5 seconds, resulting in being able to reply to @ac and take AC screenshots during that time.
[Client][Beta] High DPI support by using cg_hudScale cvar.

Fixed crash between map switches caused by packer unpacking certain dependencies
Fixed possible hack resulting in custom pk3's to be loaded.
Fixed hash removal not resetting when unloading AC.
Fixed screenshots sometimes giving fail as a result.
Fixed kicked ac users still being displayed on scoreboard for a few seconds.
Fixed possible memory leak.
Screenshot routine now more protected against manipulation

Forgot to include dependencies in 0.61

Fixed screenshots not working anymore since version 0.60
Fixed crash issue since version 0.60

Changed packer uysed to fix the false positive virus alert.
Fixed RPM crosshair 5 and 6 not working
Fixed cl_maxpackets not being set properly
Patched the maximum of cl_maxpackets from 60 to 125
Fixed crash issue during load when ip didn't have a port

Reverted 'Fixed bug where screenshots of yourself were possible with @ac_fs .', caused issues.
@ac_fs, /ac_screenshot and /ac_demo can now be used with GUIDS.
Possible fix for small network hickup when someone screenshots you.
Fixed fairplay status causing errors when using it a couple of times.

- Fixed crash issue some people experienced quite often.
- Fixed issue with > 32 fairplay clients.
- Fixed bug where screenshots of yourself were possible with @ac_fs .
- Fixed bug which caused black screenshots when screen was minimized.
- Fixed issue where minimize key didn't restore when manually restoring
sof2mp window.

- Added automatic reconnect(in fact an /ac_restart but without a pk3 check).
- Fixed bug which resulted in autocolour setting not being saved.
- Fixed /r and /b not working.
- Fixed Q3 warning popup appearing sometimes.

- Fixed clients not disconnecting properly.
- Fixed issue with connecting to hostnames and not be seen on ac_status list.

- Fixed issue where some players with AC could not be seen on scoreboard.
- Fixed some minor bugs

- Improved stability of network connection
- FP_status now gets data directly from fairplay instead of going through AC server.
- Shaders which modify default behavior will now be blocked.
- Character textures have been blocked
- Added /r and /b command(team switching stuff)
- Improved error reporting on incorrect cvars