1fx. AntiCheat database

Download 1fx. Anticheat 0.66

How to install:
- Unzip 1fx. Anticheat 0.XX.zip into sof2 directory, same as your sof2mp.exe
- Download RPM 2.0.pk3 (if you don't already have it, and put it in RPM/ directory)
- Download VC++ redist 2015 32 bit, from url below.
- Run sof2 by using the 'Run sof2 with 1fx mod(With anticheat).bat' file.
- Connect and 1fx AC should run.

You will need to download the VC++ Redist 2015 32 bit, also on 64 bit systems: direct link, or download from Microsoft (select the vc_redist.x86.exe download).

Commands and hotkeys
/ac_screenshot - Screenshots the target player, sends a confirmation back to you if the screenshot failed or succeeded.
/ac_record - Records a demo of target player, duration is the time how long the demo will record.
/ac_demos - Gives latest 5 demo's of given user.
/ac_play - Instantly plays given demo(Demo id can be found by using /ac_demos).
/ac_status - Gives list of all online AC users with their total amount of screenshots/demo's.
/ac_update - Updates the anticheat instantly to the latest version
/ac_norecoil - Toggles norecoil when the server allows it, server owners can set it using 'rcon sets ac_norecoil 1', followed by a map restart.
/ac_restart - Restarts the AC ingame
@AC - People without the AntiCheat can use this command to check whether a person is using the AC, it will return a /tell to the person who did @ac.

Note that this is not a 100% guarantee that someone is using the AC, it's easily faked.

@AC_FS - Same as above, but this will take a screenshot of given player id.
/fp_status - Same as in fairplay, shows a list of FAIRPLAY users, not the anticheat users.
/vertexlight - Should be the same as in fairplay's /fp_vertexlight
/autocolour - Should be the same as in fairplay's /fp_autocolour
/cl_recordDemoMessage - Put this to 0 to hide the demo recording text.
PAUSE KEY - Minimizes sof2, like in fairplay.
F12 - Hides the AntiCheat's text in the left top corner.